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The Pleasure Tailor

Double Ended Semi-Custom

Double Ended Semi-Custom

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Description: The Pleasure Tailor now offers semi-custom Triple Density dual ended toys. Mix-and-Match your pleasure. You and your partner can each choose what works best for both your individual needs.

Texture: Our double ended toys are currently only offered in the "Matte - Mild Drag", which is our most popular texture. We hope to add additional texture options in the near future.

Alterations: To alter this toy's length, girth, color, density, support core, finish, etc, please use the drop down box to the left to select "With Alteration Service" before adding to your cart. Then enter your Alteration request in the “Special Instructions for Seller” box in your shopping cart at checkout. See our Alterations page for more information. If only altering one side, don't forget to tell us which side you want adjusted. For more complex requests, or for completely new designs, we recommend our Custom design service.*

Features: Like all Pleasure Tailor creations, this toy is crafted from certified body safe 100% platinum-cured silicone, with certified body safe silicone pigment. Handmade, prototyped, designed, and tested in the USA.

  • Premium Triple Density construction
  • Soft outer skin layer, squishy inner flesh, and firm support core
  • 100% platinum silicone, 3rd Party Certified to be Skin Safe
  • Mix and Match the ends
  • May be customized with “With Alteration Service”
  • Expert-designed & handcrafted in the USA

Color:  While we handcraft each item to order, we do work in batches of orders. To help keep our prices lower, the unaltered Off The Rack designs are poured each day in the craftsperson's choice of color, which is typically Sky Blue or Purple. If you would like to choose a specific color, you are welcome to use our Alteration Service.

Dimensions: Dimensions for our Double Ended toys vary based on which styles are picked for each end. Please use the "grid" images below to estimate the overall size of the toy. The dark grid lines are 1" spacing. The blue region is the firm internal support core. The shape of the support core dictates if the pleasure is broad and soft or focused and intense. The shape of the core can be modified on request through the Alteration Service.

*All Alteration and Custom requests are limited to designs up to 2 pounds of silicone that fit within a cube 8" per side. This works out to 16" for Double Ended toys. For larger designs, please inquire via 

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