Collection: Off The Rack

While The Pleasure Tailor primarily deals in custom designs, we do offer a few common shapes "Off The Rack" that can be purchased directly. However, they are primarily provided as a starting point for you to further customize to you meet your own needs.

Please note, that while these designs are ready to go "Off The Rack", the toys themselves are not handcrafted until you order them. We do not mass produce anything in advance. We create your own unique toy, just for you. We think it's a little more personal that way, and that a personal toy is a better toy.

If you find a design that seems close, but might be perfect with a small change, please select the "With Alteration Service" option before adding to your cart and specify your requested changes in the "Instructions for Seller" field at checkout.

If nothing strikes your fancy, please see the "Custom" section in the menu at the top of the page and tell us exactly what you are looking for!