Pleasure Tailored to You

Certified Body Safe

Even though silicone is held up as one of the safest materials, it comes in a wide variety of formulations, many of which are not appropriate for skin contact. Simple marketing labels such as "platinum", "pure", or even "FDA approved" are not enough. Third party certification to a specific standard is the only way to ensure you are getting a body safe product. The three most common certifications for biocompatible silicones are USP Class IV, ISO 10993, and OECD TG 439. If a material doesn't have one of these three certifications, we won't use it, and we don't think you should have to either.

Environmentally Sustainable

Sustainability may not be the first thing you think about when it comes to tailor-fit pleasure products, but we think about it all the time. The Pleasure Tailor has invested significant time and energy into making our end-to-end manufacturing process nearly 100% recyclable with almost zero waste. We also promise to never ship you an item in plastic or foam. We insist on simple and discreet packaging materials that can go straight into your average cardboard recycling bin.

Socially Sustainable

While our advanced fabrication process does use some automation, we employ people, not machines. Nothing is mass produced at The Pleasure Tailor. Our designers, artists, and craftsfolk individually design and hand make each item to your unique specifications, and we are dedicated to paying them a thriving wage with benefits to do it. We believe that happy people make happy products.

Triple Density Standard

The majority of silicone pleasure products on the market are made of a single density material. These items are quick and easy to produce. A few higher-end brands offer Dual Density products that mix a firm core with a softer exterior.

The Pleasure Tailor goes a step further with Triple Density as our default offering. This consists of a firm core, a very plush middle layer, and a resilient, smooth outer skin. This results in a more luxurious, life-like feel. It takes extra time and effort, but we think it makes for a significantly better product. As always though, the end choice is up to you. If you feel differently, just let us know and we'll craft you exactly what you need.

"I never knew what I was missing ... until I got exactly what I needed."

A Pleasure Tailor customer

"It was so much better, because it was personal. It was truly my own."

A Pleasure Tailor customer

"People have always tried to influence how I should look or feel. But not here. In this small way, I could be a bit more me."

A Pleasure Tailor customer

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