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The Pleasure Tailor was founded to help folks get what they can't anywhere else. We provide the unique opportunity for customers to customize toys at a cost that is accessible as possible.

We want to provide for individuals with unique needs, ease accessibility issues, and empower under represented communities. Anyone that can't find the toys and pleasure they deserve from the typical offerings of large toy manufacturers.

If you are passionate about helping folks find toys and pleasure that are a better match for their own personal needs, we would love to help you in that mission.

We offer two primary ways to collaborate:

  • Our Expert Designer program

    • If you are a blogger, reviewer, influencer, creator, or speak to any other type of audience, we want to help you design toys that better serve your community.
    • We will work with you to design a unique toy. Something that is based on your expertise or that benefits your audience.
    • Once your toy is designed, we will offer it on our site and a portion of every sale will be returned to you to benefit your community, enhance your platform, or support your personal needs as you see fit.
    • For examples, see our Designer's collection. 
  • An Affiliate Sales program

    • We offer a traditional Affiliate Link program hosted by Collab.
    • Whether you have a dedicated platform or not, you can help folks find the customized toy they can't get anywhere else.
    • As a thank you for helping folks find what they need, we pay you a portion of every sale that is generated by a customer clicking through using your unique Affiliate Link.

If any of these programs interest you, or even if you just want to stay connected to learn more, you are invited to collaborate with us at the link below: 

Collaborate with the Pleasure Tailor!