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The Pleasure Tailor



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Standard Sizes: 5"x1.4", 6"x1.8", and 8"x2"

Meet Desta! In the Amharic language of east Africa, the name Desta means "Happiness." 

This toy is part of our Semi-Custom line. While molds for a few standard sizes (listed above) are available at the regular price, we give you the freedom to tailor the toy to your exact size preference. Between all of our Custom and Semi-Custom toys, we offer hundreds of variations. We can't keep a mold for every option on the shelf, so if you choose to customize the toy, you will see the price increase to account for the need to modify and make a new set of molds. We can offer hundreds of customized molds patterns for of our toys through the wonderful technology of 3D printing, so there may be some faint traces of printer lines on the toy. But know that even if your mold is created with advanced technology, every layer of your actual toy is hand poured by our team of skilled craftspeople. We say "your" toy, because every item we sell is made to order, so please allow one to three weeks for you toy to be crafted and shipped.

Like all of Pleasure Tailor creations, this toy is poured with a life-like Triple Density construction. Its outer layer mimics skin, with a middle layer that’s super-soft and fleshy, and a firm core to maintain erect stability. The three layers of silicone are carefully balanced, to feel more lifelike than a traditional dual-density silicone toy. 

Texture: This toy is available in a our most popular texture: "Matte - Mild Drag" which features a skin-like matte texture with a mild amount of drag stimulation for increased realism.

Alterations: To alter the toy's length and girth, please select your desired option from the dropdowns. For more complex requests, or for completely new designs, we recommend our Custom design service.*  

Features: Like all Pleasure Tailor creations, this toy is crafted from certified 100% platinum-cured silicone, with certified safe silicone pigment. Handmade, prototyped, designed, and tested in the USA. 

  • Realistic triple-density dildo
  • 100% platinum silicone
  • Designed for lifelike effect
  • Three layers: skin, “soft flesh,” hard core
  • Strong suction cup base
  • Premium Triple Density Construction
  • Matte finish to imitate skin
  • Expert-designed & handcrafted in the USA

Dimensions: While this toy can be selected with customized sizing, the base toy is .about 6 inches of insertable length, 1.8 inches max. head diameter, a shaft diameter that varies from 1.7 to 1.9 inches, and 3.3 inches suction cup base diameter

For size and shape reference, the design is shown on the grid below with 1" grid lines. The blue region is the firm internal support core. The shape of the support core dictates if the pleasure is broad and soft or focused and intense.

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