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Easy A by Kate Sloan

Easy A by Kate Sloan

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The Easy A was designed by Kate Sloan, a sex writer and cohost of sex podcast The Dildorks, who is an A-spot stimulation aficionado living with chronic pain from fibromyalgia. The A-spot, also known as the anterior fornix, is a little-known erogenous zone deep inside the vagina on the front wall, which can be difficult to reach without the assistance of toys designed to target it. The Easy A is made to stroke the A-spot firmly and precisely with minimal effort, even for people dealing with pain or strength issues in their hands.

The gently curved shape of the Easy A allows its tapered tip to press firmly into the A-spot on every thrust. The toy’s unique two-tiered base is designed to be held between the fingers, making it easier to thrust the toy in and out even when hand strength is an issue. The orientation of the toy’s curve is marked on the base of the dildo, so you'll never have to wonder if it has rotated inside yourself or partner, and you can keep it focused on the sweet spot!

Texture: This toy is available in a few finish textures:

  • "Matte - Mild Drag" features a skin-like matte texture with a mild amount of drag stimulation for increased realism.
  • "Matte - Intense Drag" is visually very close the "mild" but offers double the drag stimulation.
  • "Candy Coated Gloss" (as pictured above) is a shiny gloss finish that offers super-slick drag-free thrusting. It is a "candy coating" of 100% platinum silicone that is applied by hand and may have a few natural ripples, waves, and bumps that are unique to each creation but will otherwise provide the slickest thrusting finish you can find. This texture costs $30 to cover the extra silicone and hand crafted application.

Alterations: To alter the Easy A's length, girth, color, density, support core, finish, etc, please use the drop down box to the left to select "With Alteration Service" before adding to your cart. Then enter your Alteration request in the “Special Instructions for Seller” box in your shopping cart at checkout. See our Alterations page for more information. For more complex requests, or for completely new designs, we recommend our Custom design service.*

Features: Like all Pleasure Tailor creations, the Easy A is crafted from certified body safe 100% platinum-cured silicone, with certified body safe silicone pigment. Handmade, prototyped, designed, and tested in the USA.

  • Triple-density silicone with a smooth, low drag surface
  • Gently curved shape targets the A-spot
  • Can also stimulate the posterior fornix if rotated to face downward
  • Two-tiered base for maintaining an easy grip between your fingers
  • Increased control and precision of thrusts
  • Rigid support core to maintain firm pressure against the A-spot
  • Soft and squishy middle layer of silicone for comfort and squeezability
  • Marking on the base to help you or a partner keep the toy facing the right direction during use
  • Electric Blue Color
  • 100% platinum silicone
  • Premium Triple Density Construction
  • May be customized with “With Alteration Service”
  • Expert-designed & handcrafted in the USA

Dimensions: 8.2 inches total length standing upright; ~6.5 inches insertable length; 1.2 inch tip diameter; from 1.4 to 1.7 inches shaft diameter (upper shaft to lower shaft); 3.3 inches base diameter

For size and shape reference, the design is shown on the grid below with 1" grid lines. The blue region is the firm internal support core. The shape of the support core dictates if the pleasure is broad and soft or focused and intense. The shape of the core can be modified on request through the Alteration Service.

*All Alteration and Custom requests are limited to designs up to 2 pounds of silicone that fit within a cube 8" per side. For larger designs, please inquire via

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