Mike X.


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Our visiting Designer, Mike, was single minded in his purpose, to create a harness compatible toy meant for joyful and vigorous thrusting.

Mike does not care as much about G Spots, or P Spots, or any other fancy things. This toy has simple tastes and just wants to pound and happily satisfy all those in need.

This is a larger, thick dildo, but not unrealistically so. It is a copy of Mike's actual penis with no changes or embellishments.

There is plenty of cushion layer so you can enjoy the pounding, but Mike does have a thicker support core so it stays rigid during vigorous thrusting. The tip of the firm core is also flared out to give the head of the toy a very filling feel. "A commanding head" was the goal of the Designer, so in addition to the firmer support, Mike has a large flared coronal ridge to drag and pull against your internal walls. Like all Pleasure Tailor products, Mike has a third layer of resilient outer skin that is silky to the touch for a more realistic feel.

This toy was designed to allow harness use and has a flared base. The base also features vac-u-lok style mounting hole for additional fun options.

Alterations: Our Designer Mike had one stipulation: "No Alterations Allowed". This toy is modeled from his own body and you "can take it or leave it" just as it is. Mike might be a little full of himself, but knows you may not care when you're happily full of him too.

Features: Like all Pleasure Tailor creations, the Mike is crafted from certified 100% platinum-cured silicone, with certified safe silicone pigment. Handmade, prototyped, designed, and tested in the USA. 

  • Realistic dildo for thrusting
  • 100% platinum silicone
  • Three layers: skin, “soft flesh,” hard core
  • Large flared coronal ridge
  • Flared base for harness use
  • Vac-U-Lok style mounting hole
  • Premium Triple Density Construction
  • Medium skin tone
  • Matte "skin" texture for a more realistic feel
  • Excluded from the Pleasure Tailor's Alteration Service
  • Expert-designed & handcrafted in the USA

Dimensions: 7.25 inches total length standing upright; ≈ 6.75 inches insertable length; 2.2 inches max. head diameter; from 1.75 to 2.3 inches shaft diameter (upper shaft to lower shaft); 3.3 inches base diameter

For size and shape reference, the design is shown on the grid below with 1" grid lines. The blue region is the firm internal support core. The shape of the support core dictates if the pleasure is broad and soft or focused and intense. The shape of the core can be modified on request through the Alteration Service.

*All Alteration and Custom requests are limited to designs up to 2 pounds of silicone that fit within a cube 8" per side. For larger designs, please inquire via custom@pleasuretailor.com.